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關於我們 - [Cloned #322] - J CPA





Shared Values


Brand Value

To promote a positive and optimistic service attitude, “Care for your business every moment” is J CPA‘s brand value. Through our closely and elasticity service system, our smiling faces with willing services professional staffs are always standby you. J CPA aims to offer a comfortable and relaxing environment, thus a happy experience to our clients. Indeed, J CPA aspires to make them our happy clients.

Brand Color

Purple is the color of professional, representing knowledge and experience. At the mean time, it makes people feeling comfort. It totally enhances our positive essence of our brand value.

Brand logo

J CPA logo symbolizes initiative and power motive, makes people feeling fresh and animation. It also reflects our positive and optimistic attitude.

Brand Promise

J CPA is not just a professional services brand. J CPA does not only offer high quality wide range corporate and individual services, we are also committed to make our client being happy. Our professional services quality, our services system, our office design, our customer services quality and marketing concepts are designed to make our clients feel comfort and happy to make sure every engagement at J CPA is a pleasant and joyful experience to them.