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Tax Investigation - J CPA

Tax Investigation

Tax investigation and field audit are method of investigation set out by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department when they are doubt to the sources of income of taxpayer. Authorized under the Inland Revenue Ordinance, the assessing officer is empowered to investigate the taxpayer. The general scope of the investigation is very broad, including companies, individuals, and even family members.J CPA has a professional team with extensive knowledge of Hong Kong tax and many years of successful experience. J CPA provides comprehensive assistance to our customers, wide range analysis and recommendation. Our professional tax services can save you valuable time and unnecessary financial costs by providing comprehensive plan to solve the past tax issues and also reduce the future risk of tax related problem.

Our Services

Taxation Authority Procedure
  • Assessment and understanding our client’s background and business operation
  • Providing consultancy and professional advice at the technical level
  • Preparation and plan for the first meeting
  • Accompany with client attend the first meeting of the Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”)
  • Following up the case and to communicate with IRD
  • Analysis of the client’s business information and personal financial records, in order to grasp the aspect may necessary for adjustment
  • Negotiating with IRD, proposing reasonable and best solution to settle the case
  • Negotiating the fine & penalty in our client favorable position.
  • To advise the future improvement of tax.

Other tax services

Other non-taxation services